Wwise 101 Tips & Tricks

In my last article I discussed my experience taking the Wwise 101 course by Audiokinetic. I loved breaking down what I thought of the course and my overall experience taking it. While I enjoyed the course and it’s ability to teach you, admittedly it’s still a tough course to take. So today, I’m going to break down some helpful tips and tricks that will hopefully make the experience even better. Let’s get into it.

Take Your Time

This is true for a lot of things, but it’s especially true when dealing with computer programs. The smallest error can make everything look broken so it’s important to take your time and be cautious as you progress through the material. So be patient and don’t assume you know everything or it’s unnecessary to read through anything. It’s already been trimmed down so don’t cut corners or skip steps. Take your time.

Take Notes

Note taking in general is an important skill, but for this Wwise course it’s vital. You need to take notes. You need to translate the information given to you into a way you can understand and in a way you can review. Even if you just want to breeze through the course there are tough quizzes that require 90% to pass, the certification is just as hard, and mistakes being so easy to make, you want to be able to backtrack the process using a combination of your notes and the courses materials. For me I wrote down all the key sections and every numbered instruction. I also wrote down all the tips that were highlighted on the side and some of the introductory paragraphs if I felt the information was important.

This process does slow down you’re ability to progress through the course quickly, but it makes your comprehension so much better. By going slower, doing the actions asked of you, and taking good notes, you will feel like you fully understand every section of this course.

Watch Every Video

Even when you’ve done everything and feel as though you don’t need the material rehashed in video form I implore you to watch it anyway. It’s extremely helpful seeing everything being done quickly and having it explained by a person who’s knowledgeable. So watch the videos and just double check that you understand the material and that you’ve done the work correctly.

Stay Focused

The easiest way to make a mistake is to not be focused. It takes very little to make a mistake that can cause you hours of frustration so stay 100% focused so you can have as little agitation as possible. That means no social media, no YouTube watching, no talking to people while working. Stay focused and locked in on the task at hand. Which is to finish the course, understand the material, and pass all the quizzes.

Ask For Help

The course is detailed and helpful, but not perfect. Whenever you have a problem remember that google is your friend. Be as detailed and specific as possible so google can get you what you need. Also there are forums that may possibly have the answers you need. Here’s a link to that forum. Twitter and Reddit can also help so reach out to those as a last ditch resort. Personally I only try social media when I’m super stuck and have tried every other option. Mainly because I don’t want to bother people if I haven’t really tried everything. Also, if I make it a last resort, I’ll likely figure it out before I have to do that.

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully this article will help prepare you to take this course and set you up for success in Wwise 101. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below or you can also reach out to me on my Twitter @ecreatesaudio. Have a great day and thank you for reading.

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